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  1. Serving in the Middle East

    Do you have a desire to go to the Middle East and serve the Lord in this region? The Near East Ministry is looking for Christian volunteers who feel called by God to go to Egypt, Israel, Jordan or Northern Iraq. Followers of Jesus who want to serve the Lord and others, unconditionally. People who pray “Lord, what would You like me to do?’’



    There are many opportunities to be sent out to the Middle East as a volunteer by the Near East Ministry. Our workers are mainly involved in ministry among the marginalised, such as people with disabilities, children and elderly, or ethnic minority groups. We have been serving alongside Jewish and Arab organizations for more than 50 years. Our heart is to serve the local population and the needs of local partners is our starting point to find work assignments for our volunteers.

    At the moment we have approximately 20 workers (some with their families) on the field who are sent out by Near East Ministry. Their work varies from childcare, elderly care, reaching out to migrants and refugees, nursing, teaching and supporting local businesses. Near East Ministry sends out short- and long-term volunteers.


    Trailblazer (short term)

    Period:         # 2-12 months to Israel

     #  3-12 months to Egypt or Jordan


    Connect (long term)

    Period:          # for 2-5 years year to Egypt, Israel, Jordan or Iraq


    Age:             # 18+ for Israel
                         # 21+ for Egypt, Jordan or Iraq.


    We won’t send you out to the Middle East without proper preparation. Both Trail-blazers and Long-term workers go through a preparation process and participate in a course specifically designed for them.


    More information

    Do you feel called? We would like to come alongside you and begin this journey with you. It will be life-changing as you discover God’s will for your life in serving others. The very first step is to come to one of our information events in which we share and explain more about the possibilities of going out. The date for the next event can be found in our calendar.  

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